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The Staley Orchestra is proud to offer a strong social program to help reward our students' hard work! This comes with a cost as t-shirts, social events, and food are not free. Our booster club has approved a $50 orchestra registration fee that will cover food, a t-shirt, and most social events (Medieval Times and Six Flags will be separate) for the entire year! Please bring $50 cash or a check made out to the "Staley Orchestra Booster Association" (SOBA) by Friday, August 25th. For those unable to pay the entire fee at once, all events and t-shirts will be available for payment on a per-cost basis.

Things covered by the Orchestra Registration Fees

$12 / T-Shirt

Every student in the orchestra is required to have the Orchestra shirt to wear for concerts and field trips, creating a unified look as part of the school uniform. Purchase of the t-shirts is required for all members of the school orchestra.

$10 / UNT Trip + Buffet

The school orchestra is excited to take an educational field trip to the University of North Texas! We will watch a symphony rehearsal. We will also have a chance to eat at the university's buffet, so everyone can get a taste of university life. This will be an exciting and educational experience for all of us, and we can't wait to go!

$5 / Movie Night

All Orchestra, Band, and Choir students are invited to come together for an evening of fun. We will be providing popcorn, snacks, and sodas for everyone to enjoy while we watch a movie. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and have a good time! So come join us for Movie Night and let’s make some memories

$15 / Arcade + Pizza

All members of the orchestra will be taken to a classic 80's themed arcade for a fun social event. Everyone will be able to play classic arcade games and enjoy pizza together. It promises to be an unforgettable night, so don't miss out! 

$3 / Golf Tournament Snacks

All are invited to join in a tournament for a card game called Golf. Everyone can join in on the fun, regardless of experience, as there will be instructions for those who are new to the game. Refreshments and snacks will be provided to fuel the tournament. 

$2 / Snacks/Paper Supplies for concerts

Our School Orchestra loves to have snacks at their events! To help cover the cost of food and paper supplies, we kindly ask that each family contribute $2 for snacks at some events/outside-of-school rehearsals. 

$3 / Talent Show Admission

The School Orchestra hosts a talent show every year to showcase the talented students from our school. Auditions are open to anyone in the school and the top acts will be featured in the show. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the show, and cheer on their favorite performers. We look forward to seeing you there

Things NOT  covered by Orchestra Registration Fees

1 / Medieval Times

2 / Six Flags
3 / Grade Level Staley Middle School Field Trips
4 / UIL Polos (Only for those participating in UIL)
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