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Join Orchestra!

Interested in playing music in Middle School?


Steps to take if you want to join!

  1. Mark "ORCHESTRA" as your FIRST choice on your card selection. If you marked another elective as your #1 choice, email the school counselors ASAP to change!

  2. Schedule a time below to try out the instruments!

Why Orchestra?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Athletics and Orchestra?


We have MANY athletes involved in orchestra AND athletics. 6th grade is the perfect time to start learning the instrument as athletics isn't an elective option until 7th grade. We love supporting our members across all of their extracurriculars!

Do I need any experience?


You don't need to have ANY musical experience to participate in the orchestra! We teach you everything from reading, uncasing, setting up the instrument, to performing in a group! 

Should I rent or buy an instrument?


We HIGHLY recommend renting for the first year. Please, please DO NOT buy an instrument without first letting the orchestra director inspect it - ESPECIALLY ONLINE. An inferior instrument can severely limit progress. Here are some local stores to rent from. 

Is there Financial Assistance?


Staley Orchestra will always find a way for every student to participate regardless of financials. We have a few instruments available at the school for a discounted rental rate for qualifying families. Please click HERE for more Financial Aid information.

Staley Orchestra Instruments

Staley Orchestra has all the strings!

Click on the link below to watch videos and find out more information about the string instruments in orchestra!


Need more information? Email Mr. Geller!

Thanks for submitting!

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